Saving pennies= earning pennies

As a girl who got her senior prom dress from Ross (jewelry borrowed from a friend, might I add), and wore her sister’s homecoming dress from the previous year, I can safely classify used as a thrifty gal.
Granted, in both of these situations I was flat broke, but even when I do have a hefty amount in my savings account I like to keep it there.
I love having nice stuff, but hate spending my hard- earned money.
I’m sure about 90% of the population can agree with me on that one.
I love a good sale (“good” as in 90% off, not 20% off.. sorry, military discount ain’t quite cuttin’ it!).
I’m all about the bargains (outlet malls, Marshall’s/ TJ Maxx, definitely thrift shops!), and you know where to find me: at the back, dissecting the sales rack.
The jeans in this picture are Rag and Bone (originally close to $200), and I managed to get them for a little less than $30 thanks to an awesome back- to- school sale, and tax- free weekend, might I add! Steal of the day, say whaa?! (Not literally though! LOL)
Who’da thunk; I was actually able to buy something from Saks faith Avenue. Ayye movin up in the fashion world!;)
Excuse the shallow post, just wanted to post somethin’ fashion- related in honor of NYFW ayyyye!

**my sister writes scripture verses in expos on all the mirrors around the house, which explains the writing that covers the following pic.. I actually thought it looked pretty ballin’, TBH!