Month: November 2013

Petty peeves

The screen on my phone cracked the other day, and naturally I was a little irritated that that happened, especially since I’m not about to throw down a couple hundred dollars to fix it.
Yesterday in my global health class we were talking about some of the terrible, even primitive things going on in the world today, as we had learned about through various books we read (I brought up the point that if we have enough awareness on an issue to publish a book about it, shouldn’t we be able to do something to help?!), and some of the things mentioned were just appalling (think caste system still prevalent in India, shockingly underdeveloped communities, corrupt hospital systems, and so much more).
I can’t help but wonder how shockingly different my life would be if I had been born in one if those countries.. Very different, that’s for sure.
I can’t get over how ridiculously BLESSED I am.
I’m so lucky to HAVE a phone that I can break.
I have hot, running water accessible 24/7; reliable healthcare (more than most Americans can say haha); amazing friends/ family/ support; a high- quality education that I am able to afford without going into debt, and just the basics, like my hotel- like apartment and always having food to eat.
This isn’t to say that I don’t have struggles, and I am not immune to trials/ sadness, but I really feel like I have NO room to complain (especially right now in my life), especially about minor, “first- world problems”, and I am aware of how incredibly blessed I am😇



Nikon vs canon

I’ve always enjoyed having photoshoots with friends, and with plans of traveling the world in my future, I’m thinking that a quality (but still AFFORDABLE) camera would be a worthwhile investment. {or Christmas/ bday present, eh mom& dad..? Even better}
I found a few reasonably priced options, and I know that both canon and Nikon are well- respected in the photography community, but I would love to hear some opinions concerning which brand is better for an amateur/ budding photographer😏 or just a tourist who takes a lot of a elfies😉

Here a few pics from recent photoshoots with friends, always a fun time





Pumpkin everything= totally okay


First of all, whew, it’s been quite some time since my last post! Kindof due to being extremely busy (college.. Nuff said), plus I keep a personal journal so it’s not like I need this blog as an outlet to ramble (but I mean what else is blogging for right?); but I do love sharing recipe and workout ideas, and of course other random little things that interest me (style, ideas, etc. etc.) so what the heck, why not keep this going? Plus I had a few friends mention my blog to me, and the fact that people I know actually read this motivated me to keep updating😊
Anyways, being November, and living where it gets nice and chilly and definitely feeling like the time of year that it is, not to mention my bath and body works “pumpkin cupcake” hand soap had me craving some good ole pumpkin pie, I decided to get up and make some (lowfat/ vegan of course) pumpkin pancakes this morning before class, nowbut being the responsible college kid that I am, I stayed up way too late (no regrets tho lol), meaning i got up later, thus less time to cook some breakfast!
So I opted for a much quicker& easier but still YUM meal… Pumpkin pie oatmeal. Just kinda threw what I had together, and it turned out delish.

For the “crust” I used quick oats with a little water (less than I would use for regular oatmeal; just enough to get a soft, cookie- like texture) sprinkled with cinnamon and pecan pieces. After sticking that in the microwave for a minute, I spread some plain canned pumpkin on top, drizzled with agave and a generous dash of pumpkin pie spice, and finally topped with a few more pecans.
Definitely hit the spot, and as I said before, I love everything about this time of year (sweaters, bonfires, cuddling up with a good book).. and don’t even get me started on fall food😊 (crisp apples/ tart cider; warm baked goods; berries and nuts; hearty squash; PUMPKIN;…)