Month: August 2013

Banana Sushi

Bananas+ Peanut Butter: favorite food right there. Which is saying something, considering the vast array of foods that I love!
I came across the idea for this “breakfast sushi” online (actually I think it was proposed as a fun way to get kids excited about healthy foods…lol!) so I can’t take credit, but it was too cute, had to recreate. Plus, I love an excuse to eat this banana/ peanut butter/ raisin combination… Why not make it look pretty while I’m at it?;)




Goodness in a glass

Usually I wake up pretty ready to go (probably because I can’t wait to get up and make me some new tasty oatmeal variation!). Actually, a lot of times I wake up surprisingly alert, especially given the lack of sleep I’ve been getting on this no- school, working- late summer schedule.
This morning however, was not one of these mornings. It was one if those push- the- snooze- button- roll- over- “just a few more minutes” kinda mornings. But, I had to make sure the little bro got off to school so I hopped outta bed and decided to start the day off with a fresh Orange Julius.

My basic orange Julius recipe:
>banana, broken into chunks
>large scoop of frozen orange juice concentrate
>handful of ice cubes
>1/2t pure vanilla extract
>water (amount varies; depends on how runny you like your smoothies)

So simple, and never fails! {My favorite is adding about 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries to this as well..too bad we were out of those this morning!}

I realized I had a huge bag of fresh kale just chillen in the fridge, so I decided to go green and added a heaping handful to my Orange Julius. It turned out delicious; to quote my 7th grade brother, “that’s actually really good!”, and he’s not necessarily the spinach- in- a- glass type. 🙂

So tell me, what are some of the craziest concoctions you’ve created with your blender? Obviously this one’s nothing extreme, but still, I’m sure to plenty of people think it’s weird to drink something so.. Green!🌱



{oops my glass isn’t too full in the pics.. Hey, I guess that’s good though, proof it was good! Anyways you can still see that beautiful green color! Gotta love!}

Midnight kale salad

Not much of a recipe per say, but if you need ideas for upping your kale intake, try it out by all means.
I recommend making this for lunches/ sides to- go, because when the kale soaks up the dressing it gives it a nice texture (basically saturates the leaves with flavor), whereas if you were using say, spinach, a pile of soggy leaves after a long shift just doesn’t sound appealing.
{I called it midnight kale salad because of the midnight grapes I used, but I’m sure it would make a great midnight snack as well. Lulz}

*1-2 cups fresh kale, loosely chopped
*1/3 cup midnight grapes, sliced in half
*handful pecans, sliced in half
*5 prunes, loosely chopped
*1T lemon juice (preference may vary of course)
*1/2 maple- agave syrup

{when I say “loosely chopped”, I basically mean bite- size pieces; doesn’t need to be finely chopped}

Feel free to mix lemon juice and agave separately before adding as the salad’s dressing.
Or you can do what I did (and recommend); toss the lemon juice with the kale, add fruit and nuts, toss again, then drizzle maple-agave on top!

Nothing astounding, but it’s a great way to choke those greens down;)
Turned out better than I expected, and as mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect lunch (or side) for those rushing-out- the door, on- the- go days! Somehow those days seem to come around a lot..;)


Work today.. Wait, wut?

Due to a slowing of business, when I arrived at work this morning I was told I would not be needed for my day shift, so I was good to go until later this afternoon. Not about to waste precious gas money on a trip back back home, not to mention the good ol’ bridgetoll fee, I decided to take advantage of living in such a beautiful part of the world and soak up some sunshine! After a very successful mini- shopping spree (college wardrobe just got 10x better), I headed over to the pool. So lucky to have an awesome coworker who lives in a resort and let’s me use the pool whenever I happen to be in the area;)
80degrees, not a cloud in sight, jammin’ to some Chili Peppers… Ya girl was straight CHILLEN.
After about 2648493 attempts, I finally got a few pictures that accurately portray my favorite pickup of the day: a new seaside- print one piece to add to my collection:) {I had seen and loved a very similar suit from Topshop, but wayy outta my price range! F21 comin’ through for me!}
>>coming soon: quickie, at- home workout plans, recipes of my own, and links to my go- to vegan recipe blogs!!
Thanks to my few, but still appreciated, followers;)
Question of the day… Have you ever had an unexpected change of plans, and how did you make the best of that new situation? Comment it up!;)20130827-143938.jpg





Cleanse Recap

Cleanse Recap

Having been vegetarian for 8 years and strictly vegan for a year and a half, it’s no surprise that I like to know that the food I eat to fuel my body is nothing but the best. But it wasn’t until this past summer; the summer after graduating high school, that I delved into the world of Raw veganism & gluten- free.
With a basic knowledge that sugar (as in common refined white sugar) and refined white flour are in fact detrimental to one’s health, I avoided the two, and for the month of August decided to officially go gluten- and sugar- free. Facebook status about it and errthing!;) lol faceboook
I wanted to see if I noticed a difference in my energy/ activity levels, and just if I felt better in general.
It honestly was not hard for me.. I never once felt like I was missing out. In fact, I filled up on fruits and nuts probably 90% of the time, so I basically got to munch on treats everyday! I was able to fill up on the good stuff and have enough energy to make it through long days working two jobs. Starting my busy days off with a big bowl of oatmeal (**there’s a lot of controversy about oats concerning gluten… I don’t suffer from celiac disease so I’m not worried about cross- contamination, so they’re perfectly fine for me and my purposes!), I never felt like I was missing out, and filling up on bananas with peanut butter (bananaS: lol plural)? Sweet, I got to eat my favorite food everyday. Not to mention the delicious salads, homemade falafels, hummus, & black bean burgers to add some variety, or simple nature’s candy: fresh fruit.
Choosing to eat this way, I have felt better than ever. Not only am I energized& renewed from all the nutrients my body needs, but it makes me so happy to know that everything I am putting in my body is so incredibly good for me. I don’t feel sick/ sluggish/ plain nasty after eating anything (let’s be honest, oreos and chips’ll do that to ya!), and I genuinely enjoy preparing (and of course eating!) my meals. Not to mention, I’ve had noticeably clearer, brighter, “fresher- looking” skin, and my already- thick hair has become softer and shinier.
Haha, I am such a plant- based, whole-foods Foodie, gotta love it. This lifestyle is incredible, and I am so blessed to have discovered it so early on in my life!
Something I wanted to add.. yes, I have felt great as I’ve been trying out a gluten- free diet, but I can’t accredit it all to a lack of wheat… I think it’s the increase in fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are making all the difference! I don’t think I’ll become officially gluten- free; at least now… I think barley, whole wheat, etc. are great, especially in moderation and never instead of greens!;) Bleached, refined, “enriched” flour/ products though Yupp, I’ll still be stayin’ away from those! As well as refined white sugar.. that’s a permanent no- go. I won’t be ridiculously strict about it though (i.e. it’s in marinara sauce), but I will by all means continue to stay away from candy, sweetened drinks, etc.!
I know this post consists of a lot of rambling. Some of my posts are more journal- entry- type than others, so bear with me 🙂