Cooking Close- ups, Continued

I love when I go grocery shopping and everything I buy is healthy, delicious, raw, and so colorful/ beautiful. Snapped a few pics of some favorites. Anyone wondering if vegans live on a diet of leaves? Not at all true. Of course, there are plenty of vegans who eat a diet (ironic to call it that) of pop-tarts, potato chips, oreos, and french fries; all of which happen to be free of animal products and by- products, but of course are extremely unhealthy and contain nasty chemicals/ additives, not to mention shortening, sugar, and bleached white flour. Also, many vegans primarily eat meat and dairy substitutes, which I agree are fun to have on occasion (almondmilk yogurt is a personal favorite), but these also tend to contain a shocking amount of chemicals and additives, and I just like fresh food better, so I tend to avoid those as well! When I talk about eating vegan, for me this means eating a hefty amount of vegetables and fruits, and my diet contains a lot of nuts/ nut butters (natural of course! as in, no added oil/ sugar.. not talking about organic or anything) and legumes (beans!!). And of course I love oats and some hearty grains as well. Anyways, here are some snaps of some diet staples, as well as a delicious homemade sauce I made for some company (served with whole wheat spaghetti), and of course salad! I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of the sauce before I blended all the tomatoes/ peppers/ vegetables/ basil leaves together… ever heard of eating the rainbow!? 😉

Quinoa. Such a superfood.


Medjool dates.. insanely decandent and caramel-y… the perfect sweetener and a staple in raw- vegan desserts! 






tiny fraction of yesterday’s haul



Raw brownies! first time making these with actual medjools, and maple syrup not agave… very delicious 🙂




.. and after 


and the tomato sauce! recipe here:

Idk if I made enough..? 😉 Even with company still had plenty of leftovers!







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