Plank Perfect

I’m SURE I’m not the only one who constantly finds myself wishing I had more time in the day so I could exercise more.
By the time you take into consideration changing into workout clothes, putting off showering/ getting ready until afterwards, not to mention the exercise itself, it often seems that a good chunk of the day has disappeared.
Which is why I’m all about these at- home, multi- tasking exercises; you don’t need a gym membership to crank out push-ups and sit-ups or to get up and run around the block.. Just a little self- discipline is all!;) {and time of course, as I was just saying..}
I’ve recently found myself “too busy” to even squeeze a run here or there, but I have been keeping up with some daily basics; bicycle crunches, leg raises, PLANKS. I’m all about the plank. You feel the burn right away (=see the results soon after), and it’s really not bad if you’re skimming through Pinterest or texting a friend mid- plank ( I use this on chair sits too- keeps your mind off the pain!).
Plus, EVERYBODY can afford 2 minutes out if their day, no matter how busy.
Which brings me to my planking challenge for this upcoming week (after then I may add on, or else continue with this simple challenge for the month).
>>60 second forearm plank
{switch directly; no rest or dropping knees}
>>60 second straight arm plank (is that the correct term? Push-up position, basically!)

Not bad at ALL, but your arms and abs will thank you!:)
Plus, it will get so much easier each day, as your muscles are strengthened.💪
So who’s with me? 2 minutes a day? I think even I can handle that;)


Banana Sushi

Bananas+ Peanut Butter: favorite food right there. Which is saying something, considering the vast array of foods that I love!
I came across the idea for this “breakfast sushi” online (actually I think it was proposed as a fun way to get kids excited about healthy foods…lol!) so I can’t take credit, but it was too cute, had to recreate. Plus, I love an excuse to eat this banana/ peanut butter/ raisin combination… Why not make it look pretty while I’m at it?;)



Midnight kale salad

Not much of a recipe per say, but if you need ideas for upping your kale intake, try it out by all means.
I recommend making this for lunches/ sides to- go, because when the kale soaks up the dressing it gives it a nice texture (basically saturates the leaves with flavor), whereas if you were using say, spinach, a pile of soggy leaves after a long shift just doesn’t sound appealing.
{I called it midnight kale salad because of the midnight grapes I used, but I’m sure it would make a great midnight snack as well. Lulz}

*1-2 cups fresh kale, loosely chopped
*1/3 cup midnight grapes, sliced in half
*handful pecans, sliced in half
*5 prunes, loosely chopped
*1T lemon juice (preference may vary of course)
*1/2 maple- agave syrup

{when I say “loosely chopped”, I basically mean bite- size pieces; doesn’t need to be finely chopped}

Feel free to mix lemon juice and agave separately before adding as the salad’s dressing.
Or you can do what I did (and recommend); toss the lemon juice with the kale, add fruit and nuts, toss again, then drizzle maple-agave on top!

Nothing astounding, but it’s a great way to choke those greens down;)
Turned out better than I expected, and as mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect lunch (or side) for those rushing-out- the door, on- the- go days! Somehow those days seem to come around a lot..;)


Cleanse Recap

Cleanse Recap

Having been vegetarian for 8 years and strictly vegan for a year and a half, it’s no surprise that I like to know that the food I eat to fuel my body is nothing but the best. But it wasn’t until this past summer; the summer after graduating high school, that I delved into the world of Raw veganism & gluten- free.
With a basic knowledge that sugar (as in common refined white sugar) and refined white flour are in fact detrimental to one’s health, I avoided the two, and for the month of August decided to officially go gluten- and sugar- free. Facebook status about it and errthing!;) lol faceboook
I wanted to see if I noticed a difference in my energy/ activity levels, and just if I felt better in general.
It honestly was not hard for me.. I never once felt like I was missing out. In fact, I filled up on fruits and nuts probably 90% of the time, so I basically got to munch on treats everyday! I was able to fill up on the good stuff and have enough energy to make it through long days working two jobs. Starting my busy days off with a big bowl of oatmeal (**there’s a lot of controversy about oats concerning gluten… I don’t suffer from celiac disease so I’m not worried about cross- contamination, so they’re perfectly fine for me and my purposes!), I never felt like I was missing out, and filling up on bananas with peanut butter (bananaS: lol plural)? Sweet, I got to eat my favorite food everyday. Not to mention the delicious salads, homemade falafels, hummus, & black bean burgers to add some variety, or simple nature’s candy: fresh fruit.
Choosing to eat this way, I have felt better than ever. Not only am I energized& renewed from all the nutrients my body needs, but it makes me so happy to know that everything I am putting in my body is so incredibly good for me. I don’t feel sick/ sluggish/ plain nasty after eating anything (let’s be honest, oreos and chips’ll do that to ya!), and I genuinely enjoy preparing (and of course eating!) my meals. Not to mention, I’ve had noticeably clearer, brighter, “fresher- looking” skin, and my already- thick hair has become softer and shinier.
Haha, I am such a plant- based, whole-foods Foodie, gotta love it. This lifestyle is incredible, and I am so blessed to have discovered it so early on in my life!
Something I wanted to add.. yes, I have felt great as I’ve been trying out a gluten- free diet, but I can’t accredit it all to a lack of wheat… I think it’s the increase in fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are making all the difference! I don’t think I’ll become officially gluten- free; at least now… I think barley, whole wheat, etc. are great, especially in moderation and never instead of greens!;) Bleached, refined, “enriched” flour/ products though Yupp, I’ll still be stayin’ away from those! As well as refined white sugar.. that’s a permanent no- go. I won’t be ridiculously strict about it though (i.e. it’s in marinara sauce), but I will by all means continue to stay away from candy, sweetened drinks, etc.!
I know this post consists of a lot of rambling. Some of my posts are more journal- entry- type than others, so bear with me 🙂