the Social Networking Disease

More like Epidemic. Not that I am qualified at all to lecture others on the dangers of spending excessive amounts of time on Facebook or Instagram… I’m sure I am so guilty of that myself. Which is why this post is happening. Having moved a lot, with great friends literally all over the globe, I absolutely love the ability to connect with these people who I haven’t seen in years, and get a glimpse into their lives, within a few clicks. But it bothers me when I find myself spending way too much time browsing listless news feeds (killing brain cells to the max), getting irritated with pictures that I feel don’t accurately portray what I look like (ever happen to you..? Un- tag…), and especially when I start to feel the need to post pictures any time I hang out with cute friends/ eat a good meal/ do something interesting/ exciting. Of course it’s fun to take pictures of fun times (m e m o r i e s) and like I said, show far- away friends and relatives what you’re up to, but there just comes a time where too much is just too much, ya feel? I was thinking about this while folding jeans during a dull 9- hour shift at work today, and I decided that it’s really just stupid and a waste of time right now if I’m choosing to spend my time this way, but in a little while, it could become dangerous. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really believe that silly, seemingly minor distractions like social networking sites can, and often do, get in the way of relationships, new experiences and opportunities, and simply living and loving life to its fullest! So I’m 99% sure I want to delete my instagram… time to go out and have fun #keepinitreal #nobutforreal, and instead of seeing how many friends/ followers/ whatever liked a picture, the only person’s “like”/ approval I really need is my OWN, because it’s MY life and I’m the one livin’ it! (If nothing else, I’ll at least have a little insta- fast for a bit just so I’m not on my phone all the time… having grown up without cable TV/ Netflix/ video games/ anything of the like, I pride myself on my childhood abstinent from technology, and I’d like to hold on to some of my wholesome childhood values;)) . Plus, I like blogging better anyways. 😉

** I am not trying to make an argument that blogging is more wholesome than instagram or whatever, just sharing my thoughts on how to cut back on screen time in my own life and do things just for the sake of doing ’em.



Here’s me excited to take a break from my phone and internet and errthing… JK, this is me thinking about plucking my eyebrows soon and capturing the moment to prove that my eyes definitely are not brown. 😉 (wait huh did that just make any sense haha!?) Oh and check that cr!mped ha!r… 


me being k00l and @rtsy and all that


and, liked this picture because I spy my hairrr! Can ya find it..? 

and lastly, all you need is L O V E Image

we cute right? 😉