Same old tart; new and improved food photography

The reason for the title of this post: I made this tart over Thanksgiving and posted earlier about it, but I used frozen raspberries instead of fresh that time, so although it still tasted delicious, it wasn’t quite as picture- perfect! The good thing about this tart is that it is extremely rich, meaning that a little sliver goes a long way! Also sugar- free, gluten- free, and raw, although you would never ever guess how healthy it happens to be. 

Without further ado, bring on the foodporn!ImageImageImage

step 1: the crust


step 2: chocolate filling


step 3: after refrigerating; pile on the fresh raspberries and DIG IN :’)




the Social Networking Disease

More like Epidemic. Not that I am qualified at all to lecture others on the dangers of spending excessive amounts of time on Facebook or Instagram… I’m sure I am so guilty of that myself. Which is why this post is happening. Having moved a lot, with great friends literally all over the globe, I absolutely love the ability to connect with these people who I haven’t seen in years, and get a glimpse into their lives, within a few clicks. But it bothers me when I find myself spending way too much time browsing listless news feeds (killing brain cells to the max), getting irritated with pictures that I feel don’t accurately portray what I look like (ever happen to you..? Un- tag…), and especially when I start to feel the need to post pictures any time I hang out with cute friends/ eat a good meal/ do something interesting/ exciting. Of course it’s fun to take pictures of fun times (m e m o r i e s) and like I said, show far- away friends and relatives what you’re up to, but there just comes a time where too much is just too much, ya feel? I was thinking about this while folding jeans during a dull 9- hour shift at work today, and I decided that it’s really just stupid and a waste of time right now if I’m choosing to spend my time this way, but in a little while, it could become dangerous. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really believe that silly, seemingly minor distractions like social networking sites can, and often do, get in the way of relationships, new experiences and opportunities, and simply living and loving life to its fullest! So I’m 99% sure I want to delete my instagram… time to go out and have fun #keepinitreal #nobutforreal, and instead of seeing how many friends/ followers/ whatever liked a picture, the only person’s “like”/ approval I really need is my OWN, because it’s MY life and I’m the one livin’ it! (If nothing else, I’ll at least have a little insta- fast for a bit just so I’m not on my phone all the time… having grown up without cable TV/ Netflix/ video games/ anything of the like, I pride myself on my childhood abstinent from technology, and I’d like to hold on to some of my wholesome childhood values;)) . Plus, I like blogging better anyways. 😉

** I am not trying to make an argument that blogging is more wholesome than instagram or whatever, just sharing my thoughts on how to cut back on screen time in my own life and do things just for the sake of doing ’em.



Here’s me excited to take a break from my phone and internet and errthing… JK, this is me thinking about plucking my eyebrows soon and capturing the moment to prove that my eyes definitely are not brown. 😉 (wait huh did that just make any sense haha!?) Oh and check that cr!mped ha!r… 


me being k00l and @rtsy and all that


and, liked this picture because I spy my hairrr! Can ya find it..? 

and lastly, all you need is L O V E Image

we cute right? 😉 

Slowly converting the world to Veganism, one friend at a time;)

It’s no surprise that Friends + Food = A Great Time. 

I love to talk about, love to make, LOVE to eat plant- based whole foods.(Vegan always; gluten- free and sugar- free preferably). I get so excited when friends share my excitement and want me to share recipes and tips and get together for a little healthified (yep, that is a word..)- dessert girl’s night. So fun. 


Here’s what was on the menu the other evening, with links/ references to the recipes because they are all soon- to- be regulars in your kitchen! Like most of my recipes on here, these are ridiculously tasty for how nutritious they are, and ridiculously easy to whip up at that.

*mock “mint chocolate- chip ice- cream milkshakes” or, as blogger Katie, whose recipe this is, calls them, “shamrock shakes”. (your St. Patrick’s day celebrations will never be the same!)

Appetizing, no? 😉


mmhm, my compliments to the chef 😉




Action shot!


(this was at my friend’s house so this isn’t my ninja but lemme just say that this is a fabulous blender and I highly recommend! I do use a ninja food processor, the “mini chopper”.)



This little cutie approved! Told her mom she was giving up junk food from then on. So cute, love it 🙂

the other 2 menu items are:

*BEST COOKIES OF MY LIFE (the grain- free, chickpea- inclusive peanut- butter/ chocolate- chip ones I posted about the other day)

*Best Hummus of My Life. Which gets a blog post of it’s own because I snapped some quality shots of this delicious little bean dip on a bed of fresh spinach, garnished with cherry tomato, rosemary, and (pink!) Himalayan salt. (… Just call me Chef Madi.) So, more to come on that one. 🙂 

Sneak preview: (Cute right!)










This recipe will change your life. Haha. But really.. soo simple and NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS.. what more could you ask for!? 

Here’s how ya make em:

In a food processor, blend up 1 Cup pecans. Add 1 1/2 Cups dates (pitted if you care about your food processor) + 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder + 3 Tablespoons Agave nectar.

Press “dough” into a brownie pan and either refrigerate for 3 hours of freeze for one. Then cut em up in squares, and voila! You got yourself some raw, vegan, gluten- free, sugar- free, but definitely not FLAVOR/indulgence/dessert- free brownies. 🙂 

Guilt- free pleasure, what’s not to love!? 😉 


Plank Perfect

I’m SURE I’m not the only one who constantly finds myself wishing I had more time in the day so I could exercise more.
By the time you take into consideration changing into workout clothes, putting off showering/ getting ready until afterwards, not to mention the exercise itself, it often seems that a good chunk of the day has disappeared.
Which is why I’m all about these at- home, multi- tasking exercises; you don’t need a gym membership to crank out push-ups and sit-ups or to get up and run around the block.. Just a little self- discipline is all!;) {and time of course, as I was just saying..}
I’ve recently found myself “too busy” to even squeeze a run here or there, but I have been keeping up with some daily basics; bicycle crunches, leg raises, PLANKS. I’m all about the plank. You feel the burn right away (=see the results soon after), and it’s really not bad if you’re skimming through Pinterest or texting a friend mid- plank ( I use this on chair sits too- keeps your mind off the pain!).
Plus, EVERYBODY can afford 2 minutes out if their day, no matter how busy.
Which brings me to my planking challenge for this upcoming week (after then I may add on, or else continue with this simple challenge for the month).
>>60 second forearm plank
{switch directly; no rest or dropping knees}
>>60 second straight arm plank (is that the correct term? Push-up position, basically!)

Not bad at ALL, but your arms and abs will thank you!:)
Plus, it will get so much easier each day, as your muscles are strengthened.💪
So who’s with me? 2 minutes a day? I think even I can handle that;)

Cleanse Recap

Cleanse Recap

Having been vegetarian for 8 years and strictly vegan for a year and a half, it’s no surprise that I like to know that the food I eat to fuel my body is nothing but the best. But it wasn’t until this past summer; the summer after graduating high school, that I delved into the world of Raw veganism & gluten- free.
With a basic knowledge that sugar (as in common refined white sugar) and refined white flour are in fact detrimental to one’s health, I avoided the two, and for the month of August decided to officially go gluten- and sugar- free. Facebook status about it and errthing!;) lol faceboook
I wanted to see if I noticed a difference in my energy/ activity levels, and just if I felt better in general.
It honestly was not hard for me.. I never once felt like I was missing out. In fact, I filled up on fruits and nuts probably 90% of the time, so I basically got to munch on treats everyday! I was able to fill up on the good stuff and have enough energy to make it through long days working two jobs. Starting my busy days off with a big bowl of oatmeal (**there’s a lot of controversy about oats concerning gluten… I don’t suffer from celiac disease so I’m not worried about cross- contamination, so they’re perfectly fine for me and my purposes!), I never felt like I was missing out, and filling up on bananas with peanut butter (bananaS: lol plural)? Sweet, I got to eat my favorite food everyday. Not to mention the delicious salads, homemade falafels, hummus, & black bean burgers to add some variety, or simple nature’s candy: fresh fruit.
Choosing to eat this way, I have felt better than ever. Not only am I energized& renewed from all the nutrients my body needs, but it makes me so happy to know that everything I am putting in my body is so incredibly good for me. I don’t feel sick/ sluggish/ plain nasty after eating anything (let’s be honest, oreos and chips’ll do that to ya!), and I genuinely enjoy preparing (and of course eating!) my meals. Not to mention, I’ve had noticeably clearer, brighter, “fresher- looking” skin, and my already- thick hair has become softer and shinier.
Haha, I am such a plant- based, whole-foods Foodie, gotta love it. This lifestyle is incredible, and I am so blessed to have discovered it so early on in my life!
Something I wanted to add.. yes, I have felt great as I’ve been trying out a gluten- free diet, but I can’t accredit it all to a lack of wheat… I think it’s the increase in fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are making all the difference! I don’t think I’ll become officially gluten- free; at least now… I think barley, whole wheat, etc. are great, especially in moderation and never instead of greens!;) Bleached, refined, “enriched” flour/ products though Yupp, I’ll still be stayin’ away from those! As well as refined white sugar.. that’s a permanent no- go. I won’t be ridiculously strict about it though (i.e. it’s in marinara sauce), but I will by all means continue to stay away from candy, sweetened drinks, etc.!
I know this post consists of a lot of rambling. Some of my posts are more journal- entry- type than others, so bear with me 🙂