Backyard Beauty

I was amazed at how beautiful this backyard was. Crystal- clear reflection on the water, um, cool? 



Work today.. Wait, wut?

Due to a slowing of business, when I arrived at work this morning I was told I would not be needed for my day shift, so I was good to go until later this afternoon. Not about to waste precious gas money on a trip back back home, not to mention the good ol’ bridgetoll fee, I decided to take advantage of living in such a beautiful part of the world and soak up some sunshine! After a very successful mini- shopping spree (college wardrobe just got 10x better), I headed over to the pool. So lucky to have an awesome coworker who lives in a resort and let’s me use the pool whenever I happen to be in the area;)
80degrees, not a cloud in sight, jammin’ to some Chili Peppers… Ya girl was straight CHILLEN.
After about 2648493 attempts, I finally got a few pictures that accurately portray my favorite pickup of the day: a new seaside- print one piece to add to my collection:) {I had seen and loved a very similar suit from Topshop, but wayy outta my price range! F21 comin’ through for me!}
>>coming soon: quickie, at- home workout plans, recipes of my own, and links to my go- to vegan recipe blogs!!
Thanks to my few, but still appreciated, followers;)
Question of the day… Have you ever had an unexpected change of plans, and how did you make the best of that new situation? Comment it up!;)20130827-143938.jpg