Oldie- but- goodies

Going through old pictures and came across some recipes I wanted to share. If I can even call them recipes.. They’re more of meal/ snack ideas, with no set measurements and a lot of flexibility based on preference. The two I wanted to focus on are: 1) tofu scramble and 2) chocolate- dipped frozen bananas.

For the tofu:
Sauté desired amount of tofu in either soy sauce or teriyaki sauce, adding a little water if you want less sodium and flavor. Add chopped celery, onion, spinach, cumin, minced garlic, and whatever else you would like to throw in. Stir/ sauté until tofu is browned and crispy on the outside. My favorite way to eat this is as lettuce wraps; simply wrapped in large romaine lettuce leaves, but it’s great on a bed of baby spinach or brown rice too.


Chocolate- dipped frozen bananas~~

soo easy. Take a couple bananas (or several, if you’re me😉) break them into bite- sized pieces (5ths), and freeze, overnight if possible. Otherwise, a few hours should do the trick!
Once you have your bananas, melt some chocolate chips in a flat bowl (once again, I use the gold bag Ghirardelli chocolate chips because they’re vegan but no more expensive) for about a minute (until chips are mostly melted) and stir. This is all pretty self- explanatory, but I’ll just walk you through the rest:)
Dip the frozen banana pieces into the chocolate, then sprinkle which chopped nuts and/ or shredded (unsweetened) coconut, if you wish. Stick back in the freezer until the chocolate is frozen, so about another hour or two, and then ENJOY. These are a crowd pleaser, so if you by any chance have any left over, drop some off for a friend to make his/ her day:)






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