Change of plans? Optimism is key

I’ve learned that when ya can’t change a situation, it’s just best to go with it and make the best of the new one. I get to put this easier- said- than- done gem into practice, seeing as my upcoming adventures have been delayed due to visa issues. This really isn’t a huge deal, and definitely not a trial by any means, but it’s times like these that I find myself complaining, when I should be taking advantage of an opportunity to spend more time with family and friends, earn a little more money, appreciate where I’m living at the moment, and really just relax, what with no schoolwork or grocery bills right now in my life.. Perks of living at home for a solid month during college.😉 Plus, a little extra time = more thorough packing and preparation on my part before my trip!
So, while a part of me is so ready to GO already (as seen in the pictures.. Lol) and get on with my life and upcoming adventures, I am realizing that a little more downtime than expected before I leave won’t be too bad either!





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