Ethnic Eats

Contrary to popular belief, I go to a school with a pretty diverse student body (especially considering the area!), which I think is so great. 🌏 I’m sure the fact that I spent my younger years in some pretty neat places has something to do with my enthusiasm at meeting friends of different cultures, and I am just fascinated by some of the people I have been lucky enough to get to know! Anyways, a perk of having all kinds of friends is the chance to try all kinds of new foods, I mean that’s the best part, right?!

Here’s a picture of some pretty bomb curry I made with an Asian friend of mine (he’s actually from NYC.. That’s as exotic as it gets right?!)
Not only did this provide me with a delicious, hot, restaurant- style meal, but I was able to use up a bunch of perishable groceries as well, it being the end of the semester and all. Can I get a, “win-win”?! πŸ˜‰



And, speaking of different kinds of foods.. Vegan food counts as a different culture right, I mean that’s as weird as it gets..?! πŸ˜›


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