Plank Perfect

I’m SURE I’m not the only one who constantly finds myself wishing I had more time in the day so I could exercise more.
By the time you take into consideration changing into workout clothes, putting off showering/ getting ready until afterwards, not to mention the exercise itself, it often seems that a good chunk of the day has disappeared.
Which is why I’m all about these at- home, multi- tasking exercises; you don’t need a gym membership to crank out push-ups and sit-ups or to get up and run around the block.. Just a little self- discipline is all!;) {and time of course, as I was just saying..}
I’ve recently found myself “too busy” to even squeeze a run here or there, but I have been keeping up with some daily basics; bicycle crunches, leg raises, PLANKS. I’m all about the plank. You feel the burn right away (=see the results soon after), and it’s really not bad if you’re skimming through Pinterest or texting a friend mid- plank ( I use this on chair sits too- keeps your mind off the pain!).
Plus, EVERYBODY can afford 2 minutes out if their day, no matter how busy.
Which brings me to my planking challenge for this upcoming week (after then I may add on, or else continue with this simple challenge for the month).
>>60 second forearm plank
{switch directly; no rest or dropping knees}
>>60 second straight arm plank (is that the correct term? Push-up position, basically!)

Not bad at ALL, but your arms and abs will thank you!:)
Plus, it will get so much easier each day, as your muscles are strengthened.💪
So who’s with me? 2 minutes a day? I think even I can handle that;)


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