Midnight kale salad

Not much of a recipe per say, but if you need ideas for upping your kale intake, try it out by all means.
I recommend making this for lunches/ sides to- go, because when the kale soaks up the dressing it gives it a nice texture (basically saturates the leaves with flavor), whereas if you were using say, spinach, a pile of soggy leaves after a long shift just doesn’t sound appealing.
{I called it midnight kale salad because of the midnight grapes I used, but I’m sure it would make a great midnight snack as well. Lulz}

*1-2 cups fresh kale, loosely chopped
*1/3 cup midnight grapes, sliced in half
*handful pecans, sliced in half
*5 prunes, loosely chopped
*1T lemon juice (preference may vary of course)
*1/2 maple- agave syrup

{when I say “loosely chopped”, I basically mean bite- size pieces; doesn’t need to be finely chopped}

Feel free to mix lemon juice and agave separately before adding as the salad’s dressing.
Or you can do what I did (and recommend); toss the lemon juice with the kale, add fruit and nuts, toss again, then drizzle maple-agave on top!

Nothing astounding, but it’s a great way to choke those greens down;)
Turned out better than I expected, and as mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect lunch (or side) for those rushing-out- the door, on- the- go days! Somehow those days seem to come around a lot..;)



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