Oops this isn’t Instagram

(*Please note my subtle use of sarcasm in this post)
In honor of the #instafamous, official Selfie Sunday, lets throw it back to two days ago when I was feelin’ cute before work, but just couldn’t quite seem to capture it on film;)

Don’t ya just hate that!
20 selfies later…






Hey but that last one made it to the gravi stage, lolwut😝
But, enough silly pictures for noww. My main reasons for making this blog were 1. Raw vegan community: food diary, recipe share, sharing a mutual love of oatmeal with fellow bloggers, etc. etc.; 2. Journal.. I figured if I can’t write in my old- school, traditional diary every single day, I have no excuse not to regularly update this, seeing as its at my fingertips!; 3. Outlet for/ collection of cute sayings, awesome pictures, perfect outfits, ya know the deal. Oh wait… That’s Pinterest. 4. I mainly wanted to contribute to& be a part of the blogging community, seeing as some of my favorite blogs have impacted me tremendously. Now, for some followers👍


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