A little but is so much more than nothing✳

Quickie little inspirational message before bed:

What I get from this, is basically don’t spend so much time searching that you miss what’s right in front of you! Simple food for thought; insightful nonetheless!

Anywayz, the reason for the title of this post..
A lot of people (including ya girl!) tend to think that if you do something small you might as well not even do it at all. Like, is it even worth the time/ effort? To relate this to personal health and daily exercise, it is so important to realize that ANYTHING you get up and do is better than nothing, however minor it may seem! A mere push-up > chillen around on Netflix any day.
I try to get in some form of actual exercise (biking, swimming, jogging, running, fast- walking, whatev) everyday just because it boosts my mood& I feel so much better, but if nothing else I make sure I at least do this right before I go to bed!
>11 push-ups (nose to floor)
>11 sets of 10 bicycles
[i do sets of 11 when working out because I like to do a little more than a typical set of 10; go that extra mile!]
Again, this is so simple, and is no substitute for a killer workout, but it’s these basic routines; right before you hop in the shower, right before bed, 1st thing in the morning, that make all the difference!
✨Sweet dreams!💤
But first, knock out a few of these bad boys:)


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